Interior design of the main bedroom 04

Interior decoration design and execution of the master bedroom of the residential project has been done by Delaram Design collection with a special and unique design.
All the elements of the room are made according to the bedroom interior design  by our executive team, the bed and the furniture of the room are made of steel and we used jade green leather granite for the tables of the room, as well as the execution of the bedroom wall. The master was done with velvet tiles and steel tape; In general, we chose the color jade green to design this space.
All green colors with positive features and forgiving life are always one of the most popular colors in home decoration, selection of furniture and accessories, this time we chose jade green from the group of green colors, Jade green is a luxurious color, in general, green has soothing and sublime psychological properties and characteristics. Green means producing generosity, balance, safety that calms the soul.
In combination with jade color for the bedroom decoration design space, we considered silver and mirror steel as well as light cream color with white patterns for the wall paper of a part of the room, and for transferring energy and positive visual feeling from natural broadleaf plants. We used the room

طراحی داخلی اتاق خواب اصلی ترابی 04
طراحی داخلی اتاق خواب اصلی ترابی 04
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