Interior design of a boy’s bedroom 01

The design and execution of this space has been done with the specialized style of Delaram Design, and for this space, we have considered a space-galaxy fantasy theme with happy colors.

It should be noted that in boy bedroom interior design, one of the most important factors is to consider happy and energetic colors, and also the design of the room should be such that it is very attractive for the child to encourage the child to spend time in his room.
All details for boy bedroom interior design are exactly according to the initial plan, made by the executive team of our collection.

In general, note that for all our implementation projects, we provide items that are not available to esteemed employers exactly according to the design from other countries such as Qatar, Dubai, Turkey, etc.

طراحی داخلی اتاق خواب پسرانه خانکی 01
طراحی داخلی اتاق خواب پسرانه خانکی 01
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